50 States Update!

50 States Update! by Hugs are Fun
A few weeks ago I posted about the 50 States Stitching Club from Mollie at Wild Olive.

I ended up redoing the ones I had done before on a thicker fabric. The thinner fabric was really see through and I felt like it looked bad. I had only done a few and it seemed worth it to just start over.
50 States Update! by Hugs are Fun
This past weekend we went up to Milwaukee for my birthday and I brought all of the states along to get caught up. There have been nine patterns released (the tenth comes today!) and I managed to get them all done.
50 States Update! by Hugs are Fun
I am working on assembling the stars now, but it feels good to be mostly caught up! My goal this week is to get all the stars done and maybe start cutting out the squares.

Are you doing the 50 States Stitching Club? Are you keeping up or are you having to play catch up?


  1. says

    They are so cute! I decided not to do this one as it wouldn’t mean much to me, being in the UK. I still need to do the binding on last summer’s club, and I haven’t started the autumn or the winter one yet!

    • says

      The winter one was the first one I participated in. I stitched most of the designs but didn’t finish the project, same thing with the spring. I Want to finish them, they are so cute!

  2. Jane T says

    I love Wild Olive stitch-a-longs. I am working on a hexie quilt and started the embroidery, but ended up ironing out the figures and putting a yo-yo- in the middle of the muslin. Love your work.

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