A Very Hexie Christmas – Hexie Ornaments


I have a million Christmas gifts I want to make, so naturally I decided the proper thing to do would be to start a series of tutorials leading up to Christmas instead of actually making those gifts... And the best part? They're all going to feature hexagons! I'm a little hexie obsessed lately (ok, for a couple years now) and I've been having fun implementing them into Christmas decorations! So here's the first one, a hexie ornament! Please note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk.* Supplies: EPP hexagons of any size - I used ... Read More

Book Review – Washi Tape Crafts


Please note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk.* I received a copy of this book from Workman Publishing for review purposes. Washi tape has become a craft staple in my household, whenever I see it on clearance I grab a ton of rolls because both my girls love using it for crafts because it's pretty and easy to tear. And the tape doesn't leave sticky residue and it's easily removable (which is good since Evie is constantly using it to hang signs all over the walls!) All the super cute prints available make washi tape a natural ... Read More

Cross Stitched Leather Cuff Tutorial


Please note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk. Forever ago I was accepted as a Darby Smart designer. I got a bunch of awesome supplies to play with and when I saw the vegan leather cuff, I knew it needed to be cross stitched on. This project is super easy and quick and only takes a couple supplies. You can get them directly from Darby Smart here. You need: *Rotary punch Embroidery floss and needle Cuff bracelet (This can be any material or thickness) Pencil and ruler First start by making a grid for the holes. I measured ... Read More

Little Photographer’s Camera – Swoodson Says Blog Tour

blog tour graphic

Please note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk* Stephanie from Swoodson Says has super adorable softie toy patterns. When she started organizing a blog tour, it wasn't hard to decide which one I wanted to sew up. I've always loved the camera pattern, it's such a cute idea. Because I love anything rainbow and anything patchwork, I decided I needed to do that for the front. I love doing patchwork with strips of fabric because there are no seams to match up and so it goes really quickly. Because I did the patchwork, the ... Read More

First Time Pattern Testing – Teddies Quilt


A few months ago Felice from Sew Scatterbrained put out a call for pattern testers on Instagram for this adorable Teddies quilt. I knew I would never be able to finish an entire quilt, especially not before her deadline, but I did offer to do a pillow. I assumed Evie would pick pink but she surprised me by wanting her pillow to be purple. She picked out some fabrics and I did end up nixing one of her fabric choices and urging her to go towards another one that was a similar purple. When I first opened the pattern I felt like I was in over my head and ... Read More

Free Pattern Friday – Miniature Pinscher Embroidery Pattern


I got an email from someone asking me about making a miniature pinscher pattern to go with my cat embroidery pattern. She had stitched up the cat (check it out, it's super cute!) and wanted to make another for her miniature pinscher. I haven't stitched it up yet but I think it turned out pretty cute! I don't do embroidery patterns very often but they are fun! Download the PDF here – Free Pattern Friday - November 2015 There are more free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy. If you stitch up one of my patterns, I'd love to ... Read More

November TSNEM – Binding


I can't believe it's already November and I've almost done a year of trying new things. I've been getting more and more interested in quilting and I've been using TSNEM as an opportunity to try out different quilting techniques. This month was binding. My first attempt did not go well. I tried machine binding and the first time around didn't get the binding attached on the back. So I figured this would easily be remedied by a second pass and the next thing I knew I had sewn 6 times around to finally get all the binding secure. Somewhere along the way I knew ... Read More

Super Easy Handmade Costumes


Please Note: This post contains affiliate links that are indicated by an asterisk*. My children are extremely indecisive about Halloween costumes. They both cycled through a ton of costume options before finally settling on them. Mira wanted to be a Care Bear and Evie wanted to be Link. I immediately knew how I was going to do the Care Bear costume, I got a plain pink hoodie and made a felt circle to attach to it. I couldn't find a hoodie that didn't have a zipper, so I got it a couple sizes too big so I could more easily slip it over her head. I also anticipate ... Read More