A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes!

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes! by Hugs are Fun

All the way back in July I mentioned a secret project that I wasn’t able to talk about yet. Well, now I can finally reveal that I have a project in the December issue of the US edition of Mollie Makes! Unfortunately I just learned that the US edition won’t be printed anymore, but I was so excited to have my project included!

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes! by Hugs are Fun

I made a felt embroidery hoop tea cup (which is kind of funny because my first ever magazine project was also a tea cup!)

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes! by Hugs are Fun

Apparently Target sells the US edition of Mollie Makes, but I checked three near me and none of them had it. However Shawna from Scrawny Girl got a copy there and was awesome enough to send me photos before I got my own copy!

It’s been hard to keep quiet about this for so many months, so I’m really happy to finally be able to show this off!

Happy Birthday Josh!

Happy Birthday Josh! by Hugs are Fun
It’s time for another sappy birthday post because today it’s Josh’s birthday!
Happy Birthday Josh! by Hugs are Fun
It’s crazy to me to think back to us as those silly little high schoolers dating. Here we are 15 years later with these two incredibly crazy and adorable little girls. And Josh is seriously the most amazing dad, I can’t get over how incredibly lucky I am.
Happy Birthday Josh! by Hugs are Fun
Josh has always been so unbelievably supportive and encouraging of all my crazy endeavors. He is always willing to help me figure out how to make a project happen or troubleshoot a computer problem.
Happy Birthday Josh! by Hugs are Fun
We’ve had so many adventures and done so many fun things and I love that there will be so much more ahead! I was looking through photos for this post and thinking how we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff and there’s so much more in the future!

Happy Birthday Josh!

Just a Little Update

I’m in an awkward place right now with my blog. See, I’m actually on top of Christmas gifts this year, I’ve already finished four of them. I don’t think I started making any gifts until November last year, so I am feeling extremely accomplished.
IMG_0928.JPGPlus I’m working on my project for the Crafty Christmas link up that Laura from Bugs and Fishes is organizing. If you’re interested, check out the information here!
While I’m feeling super accomplished because of everything I’ve been making, it’s also a lot of things I can’t really show off yet. Not all of the gift recipients read my blog, but enough of them do that I feel like I need to keep things secret.
So that’s where I am right now. Making tons of stuff but unable to truly show it off. Have you started your Christmas crafting and shopping?

Flossy Embroidery Bobbins by sugarcookie

Flossy Embroidery Bobbins by sugarcookie

I got an email recently from Missy, the amazingly talented lady behind sugarcookie. She asked me if I would be interested in trying out her Flossy bobbins and I couldn’t have been more excited!

I’ve seen them around before and always thought they were so cute! Well, they are even cuter in person, if that’s even possible!

Flossy Embroidery Bobbins by sugarcookie

Missy sent Flossy the Fawn and Flossy the Dachshund. I’m working on a couple projects that only need one color floss, so I quickly wound them with the thread.

Flossy Embroidery Bobbins by sugarcookie

I don’t know why, but I had it in my head that these would be thinner, kind of like the plastic floss bobbins, but I was pleasantly surprised that they are really thick. The quality is great and the details like the fawn’s spots are absolutely adorable.

Flossy Embroidery Bobbins by sugarcookie

I was thinking that the dachshund would work really well for multiple colors because he’s so long, I think after this project I’ll try winding him with a rainbow of colors!

Check out all of the different breeds of Flossy at the sugarcookie Etsy shop. They are seriously all so cute, but I can’t get over that unicorn!

And if you haven’t seen the Old Stitches, New Tricks competition at &stitches, go check it out! One of the prizes is a Flossy bobbin! And there’s a ton of other awesome prizes, I’m jealous I can’t win!

Thanks again to Missy for sending me these to try, they are such a fun addition to my stitching kit!

Book Review and Giveaway – Paperplay


Despite having an entire Pinterest board dedicated to paper crafts, I usually shy away from actually making things with paper. Papercrafts from Shannon Miller is an amazing collection of projects and I have a couple that I’ve added to my to do list!


There is an extremely detailed introduction going through the different materials and tools. The whole section is littered with tips and tricks that are definitely worth reading, the information is really valuable.


The projects are split into seven different categories – fold, cut, sculpt, quill, stitch, draw + paint, and collage. As you would expect from a paper book, there are quite a few card projects. (though one tip does suggest framing them if you like the design but don’t really need to send anyone a card!) However, there are so many more projects that go beyond the typical greeting card.


There are several absolutely gorgeous flower bouquets that I love. I don’t really like receiving flowers because they die, but I would love to keep a vase full of paper flowers around the house!


I have always really loved quilling but I’ve only ever done some basic monograms. Shannon’s instructions are extremely detailed and easy to follow, and it’s made me want to try out some more intricate projects, she even has instructions for making quilled earrings.

Paperplay has a really great selection of projects and a lot of variety. Each project has extremely detailed instructions and clear photos. It is extremely valuable to me as a beginner paper crafter, it has so many different techniques, but I believe that more experienced paper crafters will enjoy it as well!

The best part is that the publisher has provided an extra copy of the book to giveaway to one of my readers! It is open internationally and you have until October 16 to enter. Simply leave a comment telling me which technique from Paperplay you are most interested in trying.

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Paperplay: 40+ Projects to Fold, Cut, Curl and More is available on Amazon.

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