I’m a Real Quilter!


I got this Maker Valley Quilter shirt but have always felt like a bit of a fraud when I wore it. I've got a stack of quilt tops but hadn't actually finished a quilt so it felt disingenuous to call myself a quilter. But I finally did it, I finished a quilt. It's not perfect, but it's done and I love it. For Christmas my husband got me a jelly roll of Blueberry Park fabric and I made a really simple quilt top. I used Aurifil thread and did simple straight line quilting down each stripe. The stitches aren't consistent or straight, there's some fabric ... Read More

A Trip to Benzie Design


Benzie Felt has long been one of my favorite places to order felt online. The first time I stitched on it, I was converted and I could never go back to acrylic felt. Every felt project I've done has been on Benzie Felt. Well, they recently opened a brick and mortar store in downtown Plainfield. It's about a half hour from my house so I dragged the girls along and we went. It happens to be directly across the street from a splash park, so everyone was happy! The store is incredible. It's so bright and colorful and there's so many fun things. I ... Read More

Free Pattern Friday – Geometric Arrows


I went through a big geometric cross stitch kit a few years back. Most of them I would do without a pattern and I loved how little I had to think about it, it was so repetitive. I have a box with dozens of them. The finished cross stitch is only about 3" x 5" but you could continue repeating to make it as big as you want. Whenever I do rainbow for my cross stitches I just grab any colors I have in that shade. Usually I'm lazy and pick whatever is already cut and split into three strands! Download the PDF here - Geometric Arrows There are more free ... Read More

June TSNEM – Casting Plaster


I've had this plastic votive kit from Darby Smart for years, they don't sell the kit anymore but you can buy the individual supplies and see the tutorial here. For the theme of "heavy craft," this seemed like the perfect time to try these. I had also seen this tutorial on making concrete gemstone pendants and had gotten a chocolate mold that's been sitting on my shelf for years. The whole thing seemed like it would be a lot more difficult than it was. Mixing the plaster wasn't hard or overly messy. The plaster came out of the molds easily (though I did drop ... Read More

June TSNEM Highlights and July Linkup


I had every intention of getting my project done early this month and then there I was, doing it the night of June 30. So I did try something new and I'll be sharing my project tomorrow. But until then, here are some projects by people who were more on top of things than me this month! Stephanie from Swoodson Sews tried out metal stamping. What a neat way to recycle cans! Mary from My Life on Craft shared this photo in the TSNEM Facebook group. She made these amazing plastic beads from an old water bottle! She colored them with Sharpie and melted it with ... Read More

Inside Aurifil and Aurifil Inside


The other week Alex Veronelli, the CBDO of Aurifil Threads came to Sew Generously, a local quilt store in St. Charles, IL. Mollie, Faith, and I met up for lunch and then headed to the quilt shop. We had all previously interacted with Alex on social media so we were all excited to meet him. The beginning of the lecture was like an episode of How It's Made. Alex showed a video of the thread production process and all the different steps. I find it absolutely fascinating to watch factory video tours, I love seeing the machines that someone invented to do one ... Read More

One Thimble Issue 11 – Wild Things Baby Shoes


Please note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk. I absolutely love Issue 11 of One Thimble*, there are so many fun projects. When I was picking the pattern to try, I couldn't resist these Wild Things Baby Shoes*. I originally intended to make them as a gift for a friend's baby, but my children claimed them for their toys. Mira told me her mouse's feet were very, very cold and thanked me for making him shoes. This pattern is super adorable and a relatively easy sew (except I don't read directions well so the seam ripper had to ... Read More

1000 Cranes? What Was I Thinking?


When I started my 1000 crane quilt project I was well aware that the undertaking was insane and that it was going to be a lot of work. Then I breezed through my first 100 in about 3 months and I felt like I was going to be ok and I got a false sense of security. Fast forward 10 months and I have only have 148. So that means that in over 3x the amount of time I only finished half the amount of cranes I did in those first 3 months. And to make it worse, I went to here and checked how many days I have until my target completion day and found there's less than ... Read More