I've always been a serial project starter, but unfortunately that doesn't mean I finish at the same rate. In an attempt to work through my UFO pile, I started a challenge over at the Boulder MQG. This is an ongoing series of posts with different prompts and activities to work through your UFO pile, starting with listing out all your projects. I separated my list into different categories. SMALL PROJECTS Sashiko Tote I made the rainbow sashiko project as part of Try Something New Every Month and I've long intended on turning it into a tote bag. It's a very easy ... Read More

Save the UFOs – February

Last month I posted my UFO list with the goal of finishing some projects. I was feeling really daunted because the list was so long and so many of them seemed so far from completion. But I have some good news, I managed to cross THREE things off the list this month and I'm really close to another! I've been itching to start a new English paper piecing project but despite being a member of Project Starters Anonymous, I had to put my foot down on that one. I told myself I wouldn't start a new English paper piecing project until I finished the two Ferris wheel ... Read More

Save the UFOs РJanuary 

Every year I set the goal that I will finish more of my WIPs (works in progress) yet I still have an ever growing pile. This year I'm going to get really serious because it's getting out of control. This year I'm going to Save the UFOs (unfinished objects). Last year I posted about knowing when to call it quits on a project and I abandoned a blanket that's been in my pile for years. I feel like everything that's left in my UFO pile are all things I really want to finish, I just have gotten distracted by other things. Mollie at Wild Olive posted this week ... Read More