1000 Cranes? What Was I Thinking?

When I started my 1000 crane quilt project I was well aware that the undertaking was insane and that it was going to be a lot of work. Then I breezed through my first 100 in about 3 months and I felt like I was going to be ok and I got a false sense of security. Fast forward 10 months and I have only have 148. So that means that in over 3x the amount of time I only finished half the amount of cranes I did in those first 3 months. And to make it worse, I went to here and checked how many days I have until my target completion day and found there's less than ... Read More

Project Starter’s Anonymous – Another Hexie Quilt

My Save the UFOs campaign is not going great, I didn't finish anything rom my list in March and April isn't looking very promising either. I did start a pretty big project though that I'm absolutely in love with. Despite having two hexie EPP quilts in progress, I started another. I love this because it only uses a couple colors and the placement is random so it's a really mindless project. I keep a pouch full of pink, red, and orange hexies ready to be basted, and then another full of ones that are done. I just grab and start attaching without thinking about it ... Read More

1000 Crane Quilt – Where I’m At

It's been a long time since I've updated about the 1000 Crane Quilt. I've slowly been working on it, but it definitely has slowed down a lot. I feel like I made such good progress in the first few months, but then with Christmas gift making and my increased machine sewing, I just haven't been making very many of these. I counted them up and was pretty discouraged to see that since my last update in August, I've only finished 22 hexagons. (Please note: affiliate links are indicated by an asterisk*.) I do have more finished embroideries than that, but I ... Read More

A Reverse Appliqué Heart

So one of my 2016 goals was not to sign up for swaps. This goal lasted approximately one month and then I signed up for one that needed to be shipped within a week. The swap was to send a heart coaster and 25 Valentine colored hexies. One of my partner's favorite colors was teal so I declared that to also be a Valentine color. I've wanted to try out reverse appliqué for a long time but I've been nervous and have let that hold me back, but I immediately knew I wanted to try it for the heart. I used this paper pieced heart and reverse appliqué tutorial from ... Read More

Save the UFOs – January 

Every year I set the goal that I will finish more of my WIPs (works in progress) yet I still have an ever growing pile. This year I'm going to get really serious because it's getting out of control. This year I'm going to Save the UFOs (unfinished objects). Last year I posted about knowing when to call it quits on a project and I abandoned a blanket that's been in my pile for years. I feel like everything that's left in my UFO pile are all things I really want to finish, I just have gotten distracted by other things. Mollie at Wild Olive posted this week ... Read More

2016 Goals

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year and I really like getting it out in public to keep me accountable. BLOG GOALS Try Something New Every Month I really loved doing TSNEM last year and I am so excited about the new direction it is taking. I posted my first project on Monday and there is a lot more to come this month. Read more about it here. Continue Free Pattern Friday and also release one paid pattern a month Free Pattern Friday is still going strong and will definitely continue in 2016. I have a backlog of patterns I've ... Read More

Try Something New Every Month 2016 – Join Us!

In 2015 Stephanie from Swoodson Says proposed the idea of TSNEM - Try Something New Every Month. She had hoped to get other bloggers to participate but in the end there were only three of us that did it every month, Stephanie and Kristy. This year we are doing it again but hoping to get more people involved! First is the addition of a Facebook group. Come join us and get ideas, ask questions, and share what you're trying for the month! Each month there will be a post announcing the theme and either Stephanie or I will host a link-up on the post that is open all ... Read More