July TSNEM – Rigid Heddle Weaving

I've wanted to try weaving for a really long time, it was something I intended on doing for one of the TSNEM month's last year. Every time I'd start looking into it I would get overwhelmed and pick something easier to try instead. (Please note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk*) I knew that this year I had to finally try it. A friend of mine let me borrow her Schacht Cricket Loom* and it sat for a few weeks because I didn't know where to start. I got a Craftsy class years ago on Rigid Heddle Weaving* and it was all just so much ... Read More

June TSNEM – Casting Plaster

I've had this plastic votive kit from Darby Smart for years, they don't sell the kit anymore but you can buy the individual supplies and see the tutorial here. For the theme of "heavy craft," this seemed like the perfect time to try these. I had also seen this tutorial on making concrete gemstone pendants and had gotten a chocolate mold that's been sitting on my shelf for years. The whole thing seemed like it would be a lot more difficult than it was. Mixing the plaster wasn't hard or overly messy. The plaster came out of the molds easily (though I did drop ... Read More

June TSNEM Highlights and July Linkup

I had every intention of getting my project done early this month and then there I was, doing it the night of June 30. So I did try something new and I'll be sharing my project tomorrow. But until then, here are some projects by people who were more on top of things than me this month! Stephanie from Swoodson Sews tried out metal stamping. What a neat way to recycle cans! Mary from My Life on Craft shared this photo in the TSNEM Facebook group. She made these amazing plastic beads from an old water bottle! She colored them with Sharpie and melted it with ... Read More

May TSNEM – Hand Quilting

The May Try Something New Every Month theme was "hand sewing" and I really struggled to think of something I hadn't tried before. I decided on hand quilting. I have tons of quilt tops finished, but I also knew that I didn't have the time to hand quilt a larger quilt so I decided to make a rainbow star mini quilt specifically for this. I watched this video on hand quilting basics by Wendi Gratz. I seriously love that woman, her videos are always the first place I search when I'm trying to learn a new crafting skill, she explains it all so well. I went out and got ... Read More

April TSNEM Highlights and May Link-Up

This month's theme was edible crafts, I posted yesterday showing off my attempt at making rock candy. Here's some other projects that people made this month. Check out this fantastic BB8 cake from 64ColorBox. I'm extremely impressed, it's absolutely adorable. Stephanie from Swoodson Says tried natural dyes with some really interesting results. That blueberry dye is beautiful! Cheryl from the Facebook group used little cookie cutters on fruit and now I want to cut out little letters out of every food possible. The theme for May is hand ... Read More

April TSNEM – Rock Candy

April's Try Something New Every Month theme was "edible craft" and I was absolutely stumped. Last year I tried making macarons one month and it was very difficult. I wasn't feeling up to taking on a hugely complicated recipe again. Someone in the TSNEM Facebook Group mentioned making rock candy and I realized it was something I had never done before. My first attempt was a total failure. I started using this tutorial and then got confused by the part about the weight on the string. It sounds like you leave a weight tied to the string so ultimately you're eating ... Read More

March TSNEM – Watercolor Tinted Embroidery

Yes, I'm aware that March has passed but let's not talk about that. The March theme for TSNEM (try something new every month, read more about it here. was painting. This was a difficult one for me to come up with a project for because I've done tried to many painting techniques in art classes throughout the years. You can see some of them here where I showed off illustration projects I've done. I decided to try out using watercolor paint to add color to an embroidery. I was Googling around for tips and the first thing I came across was a post from my friend ... Read More

February TSNEM Highlights and March Link-Up

I have been so excited with how many people have been participating in TSNEM - Try Something New Every Month. If you haven't joined the Facebook group yet, make sure you do. There's a lot of great projects happening over there! You can check out last month's link up and highlights here, and there is the March link up at the bottom of this post. Get the full list of TSNEM themes here. February Highlights I was in awe when I saw this decoupage bunny from Dawn at Purple Hues and Me. I thought for sure she put fabric over a store bought form and when I saw she ... Read More