February TSNEM – 3D Doodler

First I want to thank all of you who have been participating in this year's Try Something New Every Month. Stephanie at Swoodson Says did a post showing off some of the projects from last month's quilting theme and you can also link up your February posts there. There's also a Facebook group where we are all trying new things and having some great discussions, feel free to join us! If you want to read more about TSNEM, start with the introduction post. Josh will always buy me craft stuff for gifts and then he thinks I hate them because I never use them. But ... Read More

January TSNEM – Free Motion Quilting

First, thanks so much to everyone who's joined the Facebook group! I love all the interest in trying new things this year! And next, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows it's ok if you don't want to follow along with the month's theme. Stephanie and I thought it would be fun to set themes to give people a little direction and to see other people working on similar projects, but they are definitely not strict guidelines. If you have no interest in the month's theme, we would still love to have you participate and try whatever you are interested in! January - ... Read More

Try Something New Every Month 2016 – Join Us!

In 2015 Stephanie from Swoodson Says proposed the idea of TSNEM - Try Something New Every Month. She had hoped to get other bloggers to participate but in the end there were only three of us that did it every month, Stephanie and Kristy. This year we are doing it again but hoping to get more people involved! First is the addition of a Facebook group. Come join us and get ideas, ask questions, and share what you're trying for the month! Each month there will be a post announcing the theme and either Stephanie or I will host a link-up on the post that is open all ... Read More

December TSNEM – Using a Fabric Die Cutter

I did it. I made it through an entire year of trying something new every month and I'm quite pleased with it. There were some things I had hoped to get to but didn't, but I still challenged myself a lot and did a lot of things I had been nervous to try. Please note: this post contains affiliate links as indicated by an asterisk.* This month's project falls into the "nervous to try" category. Last year for Christmas (yes, I've had this sitting around for almost a year...) my mother-in-law got me a Sizzix 659500 Fabi Cutting Machine*. It's been sitting on a shelf ... Read More

November TSNEM – Binding

I can't believe it's already November and I've almost done a year of trying new things. I've been getting more and more interested in quilting and I've been using TSNEM as an opportunity to try out different quilting techniques. This month was binding. My first attempt did not go well. I tried machine binding and the first time around didn't get the binding attached on the back. So I figured this would easily be remedied by a second pass and the next thing I knew I had sewn 6 times around to finally get all the binding secure. Somewhere along the way I knew ... Read More

October TSNEM – Stumpwork Embroidery

I was looking through my list of things I've tried this year and I'm pretty pleased. Generally I've learned a lot of great new things and there have only been a few I haven't really loved doing. Unfortunately, this month was one of those. I tried out stumpwork embroidery for a post over at &stitches and just had a really hard time getting into it. As soon as I started looking into stumpwork I got overwhelmed. There are so many different types and techniques and there aren't a huge amount of resources out there. Kristen from Hey Paul Studios has done a lot of ... Read More

September TSNEM – Quilting with a Walking Foot

I originally planned on trying two new things this month - using my walking foot and binding. I got so caught up with how much I loved the walking foot that I didn't even get to the binding. Instead I've just been quilting everything I can get my hands on. One of the things that pushed me to get the Janome Magnolia 7360* instead of the next model down was that the 7360 came with a walking foot. But it took months of actually having the walking foot before I finally got up the nerve to use it. When I took the class on the machine at the quilt shop I bought it at, ... Read More

August TSNEM – Sewing With Knits

I've been really proud that I've managed to try something every month so far, though this one was a close call. I got the email from Stephanie at Swoodson Says asking for my link this month and I realized I hadn't tried anything. I recently was given a really big piece of knit fabric and since I have never sewn with any knit fabric before, this was the perfect chance. Stephanie has plenty of experience sewing with knits and she gave me a few tips and pointed me in the direction of this skirt tutorial from Delia Creates to try out. My machine has a really nice ... Read More