2015 In Review РMy Top Projects 

I love going back and looking at past projects for the year. The other day I went and got my top 9 posts of the year on Instagram. I love that even though I have a variety of different types of crafts, they're all tied together with the rainbows. I went back and looked at the top three posts for the year and found it interesting. 1. February TSNEM - Rainbow Sashiko 2. Free Pattern Friday - Tea Love 3. Virtual Busy Bag Swap - Sock Matching Game The tea cross stitch pattern wasn't from 2015, but it's consistently my most pinned thing on ... Read More

2015 In Review – My Goals

I went back and looked at my 2015 goals thinking for sure that my year had been a complete failure. I've been making a LOT of stuff. Sewing has become a huge thing for me over the past year and it's so much faster than cross stitch or even embroidery. But I also feel like I've dropped the ball a bit on blogging. Because of my switch to doing more sewing, I feel like I've been in a weird state of transition and I'm not entirely sure where I fit in creatively. With my blog redesign I finally ditched "cross stitch" from my tagline and in 2016 I plan on really focusing a ... Read More

August TSNEM – Sewing With Knits

I've been really proud that I've managed to try something every month so far, though this one was a close call. I got the email from Stephanie at Swoodson Says asking for my link this month and I realized I hadn't tried anything. I recently was given a really big piece of knit fabric and since I have never sewn with any knit fabric before, this was the perfect chance. Stephanie has plenty of experience sewing with knits and she gave me a few tips and pointed me in the direction of this skirt tutorial from Delia Creates to try out. My machine has a really nice ... Read More

July TSNEM – Knowing When To Give Up

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed me mention lately being in a bit of a creative funk. I've been making a lot of things for swaps lately (which I'll finally be able to show off!) but I haven't been doing any cross stitch and I don't have a project that I've been really, really excited to work on. I've been working on embroidered cranes for my 1000 crane quilt so at least I'm accomplishing something. But the deadline is so far away and there's so much to do, it's hard to really get excited about it at this point. I am also stuck in this place where ... Read More

June TSNEM – Log Cabin Pillow

Making new pillow covers has been on my unofficial to do list for years. We've had the same ones since college and they were definitely showing their age. I got a rainbow of fat quarters last year at Notions Nook in Rockford, IL with a vague desire to sometime make a quilt out of them. I finally gave up that idea and decided a pillow was much more attainable! I have never made a traditional quilt block before or a pillow, so this month is a double whammy. I decided to do a log cabin quilt square for the pillows. I found a guide online that had the measurements for ... Read More

WIP Finish – Another Hexie Headband

One of my 2015 goals was to finish more projects that I have started. I started the year off strong and then tapered off. Instead of finishing existing projects I just keep starting more... Stephanie at Swoodson Says posted a link with different headband patterns she's made and it reminded me of a long, long forgot WIP. Last year I started playing around with making English paper pieced hexagons out of old t-shirts. I had this idea to make a headband, I hoped that even with joining them the hexagons would be stretchy. It didn't work quite like I envisioned but I ... Read More

WIP Finish – Quilty Stitches Sampler

When I set the 2015 goal to finish some WIPs, I put together a list and set a loose goal to finish one project a month. These are separate from other projects I plan on starting in 2015, these are all ones I worked on and then abandoned before finishing them and have been sitting around for quite awhile. Here we are in February and I've finished my 3rd project! (You can see the other two here) This one was the Quilty Stitches sampler that I first posted about over a year ago! I had almost half of the blocks done and then I just kind of fizzled out. I found ... Read More