2015 In Review РMy Top Projects 

I love going back and looking at past projects for the year. The other day I went and got my top 9 posts of the year on Instagram. I love that even though I have a variety of different types of crafts, they're all tied together with the rainbows. I went back and looked at the top three posts for the year and found it interesting. 1. February TSNEM - Rainbow Sashiko 2. Free Pattern Friday - Tea Love 3. Virtual Busy Bag Swap - Sock Matching Game The tea cross stitch pattern wasn't from 2015, but it's consistently my most pinned thing on ... Read More

2015 In Review – My Goals

I went back and looked at my 2015 goals thinking for sure that my year had been a complete failure. I've been making a LOT of stuff. Sewing has become a huge thing for me over the past year and it's so much faster than cross stitch or even embroidery. But I also feel like I've dropped the ball a bit on blogging. Because of my switch to doing more sewing, I feel like I've been in a weird state of transition and I'm not entirely sure where I fit in creatively. With my blog redesign I finally ditched "cross stitch" from my tagline and in 2016 I plan on really focusing a ... Read More

A Year in Review – 2014

Last year I set a bunch of goals for myself and I plan on doing the same for 2015, but first I wanted to look back at how 2014 went. Acquire all 454 DMC thread colors I did this! I have three neatly organized boxes containing all the DMC thread colors and a big box that needs to be organized that contains all the duplicate colors I have. Do at least one craft show and one art show I did this too! I had my cross stitches in two different art shows, the Bedpop Show in Bedford, England that was curated by Mr.X Stitch and the ArtBar Geek Show in Aurora, IL. I also ... Read More