WIP Finish – Quilty Stitches Sampler

When I set the 2015 goal to finish some WIPs, I put together a list and set a loose goal to finish one project a month. These are separate from other projects I plan on starting in 2015, these are all ones I worked on and then abandoned before finishing them and have been sitting around for quite awhile. Here we are in February and I've finished my 3rd project! (You can see the other two here) This one was the Quilty Stitches sampler that I first posted about over a year ago! I had almost half of the blocks done and then I just kind of fizzled out. I found ... Read More

Quilty Stitches Update

I had gotten a bit behind on the Quilty Stitches sampler so I set out to get caught up over the weekend. Part of why I hadn't worked on it in awhile was because of the barn square. I adore the quilt block patterns for this sampler, but the barn just didn't feel right for me. My friend Jessica suggested doing a log cabin design and I thought it was a great solution. I've been unsure about my color choices for some of the blocks. But seeing them all together as a group, I'm pretty happy with the direction this is going. It's not too late to start the Quilty ... Read More

Quilty Stitches Sampler Along

I joined in on Little Miss Shabby's stitch along. I've always thought that quilt squares would make great cross stitches, and she did a fantastic job making the patterns! I am using the color palette from Satsuma Street's Pretty Little City pattern. I bought the pattern months ago and haven't started it, but I love the colors! This stitch along is actually the first time I've ever done a cross stitch using someone else's pattern, which is kind of crazy! I've been cross stitching for 5+ years and this is my first time! I've never done half stitches before and I ... Read More