April TSNEM – Rock Candy

April TSNEM - Rock Candy from Hugs are Fun

April’s Try Something New Every Month theme was “edible craft” and I was absolutely stumped. Last year I tried making macarons one month and it was very difficult. I wasn’t feeling up to taking on a hugely complicated recipe again.

Someone in the TSNEM Facebook Group mentioned making rock candy and I realized it was something I had never done before.

My first attempt was a total failure. I started using this tutorial and then got confused by the part about the weight on the string. It sounds like you leave a weight tied to the string so ultimately you’re eating rock candy with a screw or piece of metal in it? That doesn’t seem like a great idea, so I tried using skewers instead. However, after a few days it became very clear that the crystals weren’t going to form.

April TSNEM - Rock Candy from Hugs are Fun

I started completely over using this tutorial and it was quickly obvious that it would be working the second time around. The key difference is that after you dip the stick in the sugar water, you then roll it in dry sugar. Crystals began to form right away.

April TSNEM - Rock Candy from Hugs are Fun

I didn’t add any food coloring or flavors, it’s just plain old rock candy. It wasn’t terribly difficult but I think in the future I’ll just stick with buying it…

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