July TSNEM – Rigid Heddle Weaving

I’ve wanted to try weaving for a really long time, it was something I intended on doing for one of the TSNEM month’s last year. Every time I’d start looking into it I would get overwhelmed and pick something easier to try instead.


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I knew that this year I had to finally try it. A friend of mine let me borrow her Schacht Cricket Loom* and it sat for a few weeks because I didn’t know where to start. I got a Craftsy class years ago on Rigid Heddle Weaving* and it was all just so much to take in. The instructor is incredibly thorough, but the class starts with worksheets and math and I couldn’t even get through enough of it to find out how to warp the loom. I didn’t have a project in mind, I really just wanted to get a feel for weaving so I didn’t know what measurements I should be working with.


Kristy from Simply This Life told me to just watch a video on YouTube on how to warp it and just start. I watched a couple videos and felt confident enough to get started. I didn’t have it quite right but after a quick video chat with Kristy, I was up and weaving.


I’m glad I didn’t bother figuring out all the math for a specific project, because the weaving I’ve done is pretty awful. It took me awhile to get the tension correct and I wasn’t using enough force when I was bringing the reed down so the spacing isn’t consistent. I found my rhythm and it’s a nice craft for when I’m sitting on the couch watching something. I have a bunch of neon Caron Simply Soft yarn that I got on clearance super cheap years ago and it was fun to use it for this.

I’m not sure I’m really going to be starting anymore weaving projects anytime soon since I have a million other things I’d like to make and really don’t need to pick up another craft, but I am really glad I tried it!

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