1000 Cranes? What Was I Thinking?

When I started my 1000 crane quilt project I was well aware that the undertaking was insane and that it was going to be a lot of work. Then I breezed through my first 100 in about 3 months and I felt like I was going to be ok and I got a false sense of security. Fast forward 10 months and I have only have 148. So that means that in over 3x the amount of time I only finished half the amount of cranes I did in those first 3 months. And to make it worse, I went to here and checked how many days I have until my target completion day and found there's less than ... Read More

Free Pattern Friday – Origami Crane

I've been slowly moving along with my 1000 crane quilt. I've been trying to dedicate a bit of time every day to stitching them, I really keep to be finishing them at a more steady rate if I have any hope of finishing them by my 2018 goal. I've gotten a huge amount of interest and support for my project on Instgram and I've had multiple requests for the pattern. I've emailed it to a few people but I figured I would post it here for anyone who wants a copy. The crane is about 2" high and 2.5" wide and fits on a 1.5" hexagon, but you can scale it to any size ... Read More

1000 Crane Quilt – Where I’m At

It's been a long time since I've updated about the 1000 Crane Quilt. I've slowly been working on it, but it definitely has slowed down a lot. I feel like I made such good progress in the first few months, but then with Christmas gift making and my increased machine sewing, I just haven't been making very many of these. I counted them up and was pretty discouraged to see that since my last update in August, I've only finished 22 hexagons. (Please note: affiliate links are indicated by an asterisk*.) I do have more finished embroideries than that, but I ... Read More

1000 Crane Quilt Update – 10% Complete!

When I started the 1000 crane quilt, I knew I needed to set a goal so that I would finish it, but I also knew that I needed to give myself plenty of time. I settled on making it a 10 year anniversary project, which gives me a deadline of July 5, 2018. Here I am 3 months in, and I have 10% of the cranes embroidered. 100 feels like a big milestone, but it also feels like there is so much to still go. I was having breakfast with Mollie from Wild Olive and she put it in the perspective of having 10% finished. That seems much more impressive, it really is quite a dent. ... Read More

Update on the 1000 Crane Quilt

It's been two weeks since I started my 1000 crane quilt that I intend to finish in 2018. Don't worry, I won't be posting updates every two weeks, I probably will do quarterly updates. But I wanted to show off the new fussy cutting template I got! Jen did a 52 Lasers post on fussy cutting and I immediately knew I would need one for these cranes. Having the template to line up where the embroidery will be on the hexagon makes it so much easier! So the totals so far - 42/479 solid hexagons 29/1000 embroidered hexagons As of right now I'm not stressing ... Read More

10 Year Anniversary Quilt

Last year I created an origami crane cross stitch pattern and in the back of my mind I kept thinking about how neat it would be to stitch 1000 cranes. But my logical side told me that idea was crazy and I should focus my efforts on reasonable projects instead. I seriously started thinking about it again last week and was trying to figure out how to make it happen. My first thought was to get an enormous piece of fabric and embroider them all onto it. While I think that would have looked cool, it seemed silly because then what am I going to do with a giant piece of ... Read More