1000 Crane Quilt Update – 10% Complete!

1000 Crane Quilt Update - 10% Complete!

When I started the 1000 crane quilt, I knew I needed to set a goal so that I would finish it, but I also knew that I needed to give myself plenty of time. I settled on making it a 10 year anniversary project, which gives me a deadline of July 5, 2018.

1000 Crane Quilt Update - 10% Complete!
Here I am 3 months in, and I have 10% of the cranes embroidered. 100 feels like a big milestone, but it also feels like there is so much to still go. I was having breakfast with Mollie from Wild Olive and she put it in the perspective of having 10% finished. That seems much more impressive, it really is quite a dent. Especially considering that I haven’t really been super strict about working on them. Since I have so much time, I’m just making this a portable project for right now.

1000 Crane Quilt Update - 10% Complete!
I got this drawstring bag from Stitch Supply Co., she sends out fabric orders in them. It’s great for a project bag, I keep a stack of fabric squares ready to be embroidered. It’s the perfect project to work on in the car.

So the totals are –
105/479 solid hexagons
100/1000 embroidered hexagons


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