A Little English Paper Pieced Flower

English Paper Pieced Tulip by Hugs are Fun
I had an idea in my head that I wanted to try out. I have been making so many English paper pieces hexagons, I wanted to try out another shape. And not just any shape, I wanted to try a custom shape.

English Paper Pieced Tulip by Hugs are Fun
I thought a geometric tulip would be fun, and after my tulip plush I’ve had spring on my mind! I drew the shape out on paper and then made a template in Illustrator to get more crisp shapes.
English Paper Pieced Tulip by Hugs are Fun
Generally I’m pretty pleased at my first attempt. I made a rookie mistake of making it way too small though. I thought it would be quicker to whip up a little flower, but the pieces were so tiny it was really hard to sew them. You can see the flower next to a 1″ hexagon. I think if I made all the pieces bigger that it would be a lot easier to get crisp edges. I am going to try again and hopefully do some more custom English paper piecing!

Have you expanded beyond regular English paper piecing shapes? How did it go?


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    You are brave girl !! I’ve only done the regular ones – hexies, diamonds, polygrams, etc.
    Your tulip is cute, I agree that it would probably be a easier if it was a bit bigger. Excited to see your future custom epp pieces.

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      I haven’t even done any diamonds before, so starting so tiny was pretty crazy of me. It has a lot of potential though and I like the idea of making different EPP shapes so we’ll see!

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