All the DMC Threads!

All the DMC Threads! by Hugs are Fun
When I was putting together my 2014 goals list, I got this crazy idea in my head that I should own all 454 DMC thread colors. I found it really interesting to inventory what I had. Apparently I kept buying a lot of the same colors over and over, there were a lot I had 5 or 6 bobbins of.
All the DMC Threads! by Hugs are Fun
I made a list of what I needed and slowly started acquiring them as I was doing my normal craft shopping. Apparently I had an aversion to darker greens and browns, there were a lot of those I needed. But I was surprised I was missing a lot of pinks too. When Joann’s had their 3/$.99 sale combined with the 10% off a purchase coupon I took the plunge and picked up the rest I needed.
All the DMC Threads! by Hugs are Fun
I finally got them all wound and sorted. For now I’m keeping them in color number order but I might eventually sort them by color. I had all my multiples in these boxes too but I made the executive decision to only include one of each color. Then I will keep all my extras separate. I am probably more excited about this than I should be.

Do you have any ridiculous crafting related goals?


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    This is ridiculously awesome! And organized! I tend to organize all of my craft things in ROY G BIV so I would be itching to get them in color order but if you’re looking for a specific DMC color for a pattern, numerical might be easier? Such a dilemma! 😉

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      Believe me, I constantly go back and forth. I kept it in ROY G BIV for years but went to numerical because it was such a pain to find a specific number. But I love the look of a box in rainbow order. Decisions decisions.

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    This is totally exciting! I wish mine were that organized!! I seriously need to get on that! Your picture of all the colors lined up is so neat and pretty 🙂 I agree, rainbow ordered would be really pretty too but it does make more sense to have them in number order. Dilemma!

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    I am so jealous!! I do not cross stitch as much as I once did – sewing has taken over my life! – but I still have most of the 454 and I would LOVE to be as organized as this!

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      It took quite a bit of time to organize them. What I did was sort them into piles by number – 100-300, 400-600, etc. I printed out the official color list (since it skips numbers) and put them in order from there. I did it over the course of a few days because it was kind of tedious.

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      Haha. It’s such a satisfying feeling. Now I need to start getting more of the colors I’ve almost run out of. Every color number is in that box, but a lot of them are running low.

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    I’ve been sorting through my floss in the past couple of days, and besides the one I posted on Instagram, there are at least two other blue-greens that I keep buying. I didn’t even realize I liked blue-green that much!

    I really lucked out a while back. My floss collection was pretty small since I only started doing a lot of embroidery maybe a year and a half ago (before that i’d randomly do a project once in a while and then not touch it again for months) but one day last winter my husband came home from a thrift store with four boxes of floss, all in great condition, wound on bobbins and labeled with DMC numbers, for I think $3 a box. I definitely don’t have all the colors yet, but I have a good chunk of them now, and it’s kept me from having to go on a floss-buying expedition every time I start a project. I organized mine by color family with this chart: It doesn’t have all the colors (I think the note at the top says it hasn’t been updated with the 2002 colors yet) but my biggest organizing hurdle was deciding how to group them (are dark mustard-y colors brown or yellow? too many decisions!) so once I had things in order I just stuck the missing ones where they belonged.

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      It’s so funny to see what colors you’ve been drawn to without realizing it. 964 is the one I apparently couldn’t resist buying, it’s a pretty blue-green.

      I’m going to keep my full collection in number order but that chart will be amazing for organizing the extra colors I have!

  5. thatmoxiegirl says

    Is it wrong that I want to colorize your floss for you? How about you wind and label mine and I’ll put them all in order. 😉 I’ve been working all this year at organization. Winding my flosses and putting them in a box like this, and I’ve been folding all my fabrics around comic book boards to get things together.

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      I liked having them in color order but the numbers are more practical for finding a specific color I need. And I totally do the comic book boards too! I ordered a big pack from Amazon. Except when I do my hexagons I buy 1/8 of a yard and that’s so small I just stick them all in a box in the closet. But anything 1/2 yard or bigger gets wrapped around a board!

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      You’ve reminded me that I need to get my act together and organize the remaining thread I have! Besides the nicely organized boxes of all the colors, I have a crazy mess of a box with all my extras!

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