Bedpop Show

Jamie Chalmers from Mr. X Stitch curated a show in Bedford England and I am so excited to have four pieces in it! One of my 2014 goals was to display my work in an art show, and this week I’ll be in two!

Space Cross Stitches by Hugs are Fun

My mother-in-law, Kathie Webb, also has some embroideries in the show from her collection Verbal.

Bedpop Show Display

I really wish I could go check out this show myself, it looks amazing. All of the pictures that Jamie has posted on Facebook are great, there are so many talented stitchers on display and I’m honored to be apart of it!

I’m finishing up my projects for a show on Friday, so I’ll be posting more about that soon!


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      Thanks so much! I need to get working on more of the flash cards, I pulled them out to mail them and remembered how much I love the series!

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