Best Birthday Ever Swap, Part 2

Best Birthday Ever Swap Package from Hugs are Fun
For the Best Birthday Ever Swap, each person has 3 partners. We didn’t start until April but split the year into different quarters. My first partner had a birthday in June and then my next quarter was the beginning of July. So I had a busy couple weeks, but now I’m done until the final birthday in October.

When I got the partner information and saw Tsum Tsum listed, I immediately started designing cross stitch patterns. In case you’ve managed to completely avoid this phenomenon, Tsum Tsum is a game but also a series of plush toys of Disney characters. They are absolutely adorable and extremely hard to resist. (If you want to make your own, Mollie at Wild Olive has some incredibly adorable Star Wars ones!)

Mickey Tsum Tsum Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
Minnie Tsum Tsum Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
My partner said her favorite colors were pink and green so I started cross stitching the Tsum Tsums on different shades of pink using DMC Water Soluble Cross Stitch Canvas*. I didn’t really have a plan, I just kept making them.

Tsum Tsum Cross Stitch Tote from Hugs are Fun

Tsum Tsum Cross Stitch Tote from Hugs are Fun
I ended up making a tote bag roughly based on this tutorial from The Inspired Wren. I had wanted to include pockets but I was feeling like I was in over my head in the sewing department and I ended up keeping it simple. But it does have a super cute pink lining, so I managed that.

Dale Tsum Tsum Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun

Pooh Tsum Tsum Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
I originally planned on using all 6 for the tote bag but I couldn’t figure out a good configuration so I turned two into a zipper pouch.

Deathly Hallows Stamp from Hugs are Fun

For the craft supply part of the swap package, I made a Deathly Hallows stamp. I bought the Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit* months ago and finally used it. Jessee from Art School Dropout was kind enough to send me the cutting file she already had from making a Deathly Hallows bag for the Nerds Craft It Better swap.

Deathly Hallows Stamp from Hugs are Fun

There are a couple parts where the lines aren’t the sharpest, but it turned out well. I want to play around more with making stamps, it’s pretty cool that the Silhouette can make them. Though realistically I would probably turn to Jen from 52Lasers first for all my stamp related needs.

I did another swap with yet another Tsum Tsum cross stitch that I will be showing off soon. I had all these swaps get sent off at the same time and I need to show everything off!

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    • says

      I was so excited to have an excuse to cross stitch all those adorable Tsum Tsum. I actually made even more patterns that I haven’t gotten around to yet! 🙂

  1. says

    Those are so cute! Olli says she really wants to try her hand at quilting when she’s finished with her pony, but I think she wants to stitch it all by hand, so, we’ll see. Maybe I can get her to make her own craft bag. 😀

    • says

      I know people who have done quilts entirely by hand! A quilted bag would be a really good place to start though because a full blanket might be daunting!

  2. Becca Kurtz says

    I am tsum tsum obsessed and cross stitch crazy! Will you ever sell your tsum patterns by chance? I’d so buy if you did!! 😀

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