Craftsy – My Honest Opinion

So in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve become a Craftsy affiliate, so I do stand to benefit from this post. However, I have heard some really good things about the site and I wanted to legitimately try it out and give my honest opinion.


They have a ton of classes, some free, some paid. I have been so interested in the idea of quilting, but I am not really great at sewing. I know the basics and can manage, but I don’t do things correctly in the technical sense. I don’t know what most of the features on the sewing machine do and I’m sure I use the wrong settings for things. So I was browsing the quilting classes and realized I should probably start with the basics of sewing. If I’m going to seriously try quilting, I should make sure I’m sewing correctly first.

20130918-212323.jpgI figured I’d start really basic, with the sewing machine class. The free classes are shorter than the paid ones, but that made it perfect for me to tackle the whole thing during naptime. I thought a lot of the information covered in the class, especially the first lesson, would be way too basic for me. While I did know a lot of what was covered, I learned quite a few little things. The class is sponsored by Babylock sewing machines, so the teacher, Amy Alan, works with one of their machines. 20130918-212450.jpgShe does a really good job pointing out when things might be different on other sewing machines. The teacher is very engaging and covers everything really well, and at a comfortable pace.
The class covered all of the different sewing machine feet which I found extremely interesting. There are a lot more than I realized and it’s great to have an idea of what they all do. Same thing with needles, I had no idea there were so many options. I know this was the first of many Craftsy classes I’ll be taking. I was also pleasantly surprised by how nice it was to watch the videos on my iPad. They have an app which is also really nice, but you can also just watch them on the iPad browser. I doubt I would have watched them if I had to sit at a computer, so I’m glad they have such a good mobile app.
There is a whole community aspect to the site I haven’t even explored yet. For the free classes, you can ask questions that other people who have taken the class can answer. Apparently for the paid classes, the teacher will join in the discussion. Right now all their classes are on sale, some as much as 75% off. If there’s a skill you want to learn, I would highly recommend checking them out. And if you decide to sign up, I would love for you to do so from here so I get credit for it.

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