Darby Smart Alcohol Ink Coasters

I reviewed the December Darby Smart To DIY For box and loved it. I’ve been lucky enough to be sent several others (that I still need to do!)

When I got my February box, I forgot about all my other projects and just had to try it out! It was a coaster set using alcohol inks designed by Rachel from 52 Weeks Project.


I had never used alcohol inks before but they were a lot of fun, though I have pink fingers today. I think this would be fun with older kids, but I knew Evie was too young, so I waited until she was asleep. Darby Smart always impresses me with the supplies, you always get everything you need and plenty of it. I washed off my first coaster attempt, and even starting over I still have a ton of ink left. I’ve actually been brainstorming what else I could use the ink for, I think it would be fun to experiment on other surfaces.
I still need to seal them and put on the cork bottoms, but I just couldn’t wait to show these off! I accidentally got a little alcohol on the top of the ink and I really liked the look so I added more to them all, which is how I got the light spots.

Have you ever used alcohol ink? What surface did you use it on?

The February To DIY For box is sold out, but you can order the March one!
If you want to try the alcohol inks, you can buy them in the Darby Smart supply shop. And there are plenty of other great projects you can also order!

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