Experimental Cross Stitching – Paper

20130831-230323.jpgSo my obsession with cross stitching on different surfaces continues, this time with watercolor paper.
I got the idea from the amazing Olisa Corcoran, who was actually the one who wrote the Mr. X Stitch post that featured my periodic table cross stitch. She has done some incredible embroideries on brightly saturated watercolor paintings and she inspired me to try some cross stitching.
I was just working with some of Evie’s Crayola watercolors and didn’t get the same vibrancy as Olisa’s pieces, but I think it turned out cute. The paper is a lot easier to punch holes in than the cardboard box.20130831-230646.jpg20130831-230555.jpgIt was a fun, quick little project and I definitely want to explore it more. I think it would be fun to make a series of cards that are cross stitched. There’s a lot of great possibilities.

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