First Time Pattern Testing – Teddies Quilt

Teddies Quilt Pillow from Hugs are Fun

A few months ago Felice from Sew Scatterbrained put out a call for pattern testers on Instagram for this adorable Teddies quilt. I knew I would never be able to finish an entire quilt, especially not before her deadline, but I did offer to do a pillow.

Teddies Quilt Pillow from Hugs are Fun

I assumed Evie would pick pink but she surprised me by wanting her pillow to be purple. She picked out some fabrics and I did end up nixing one of her fabric choices and urging her to go towards another one that was a similar purple.

Teddies Quilt Pillow from Hugs are Fun

When I first opened the pattern I felt like I was in over my head and that volunteering for this was a horrible idea. I decided to just try it and see what happened, and I was really impressed with the pattern! There was a lot of cutting to do and keeping track of everything was a bit confusing, but the actual assembly was super straight forward and the directions were so clear. There were great diagrams and she covered every little thing, even which direction to be pressing the seams. This was my first written quilt pattern I’ve ever done and I was very impressed.

I did a light gray diagonal quilting over the pillow and I really love how it turned out. It was a great chance to practice a lot of different quilting skills on a small scale and end up with something to show for it.

The pattern is available here and I highly recommend it.

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