Fixing the Periodic Table

So it came to my attention thanks to a kind commenter that I missed an element.

“I love this project! It is beautiful, colourful and well made. But as a chemistry major I have to say you are missing an element. The place that has He right now should have Ne and He should be moved up to the same level as H.”
I honestly can’t believe I didn’t notice, but I think I looked at this so much it was all a blur.

Thankfully it was in the top corner and not in the middle somewhere, and thankfully Ne and He are pretty similar, so I didn’t even have to redo the whole thing.
20130825-203253.jpgTaking out the stitches was a huge pain. I had the bright idea that I should just remove the H and replace it with an N so that I wouldn’t have to take out the entire thing. It might have been faster to have just taken the whole thing out though, it took me about 45 minutes to painstakingly pull out just those specific stitches.
20130825-203409.jpgNow it needs a really good ironing and to finally be framed and hung up. It’s only been about four years in the making!

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