Hexagon Bee Pouch

Hexagon Bee Pouch from Hugs are Fun

Ever since I tried foundation paper piecing I’ve been itching to do more. There are so many amazing patterns out there, Swoodson Says has a great post with free patterns if you’re looking for one to try out!

I had made this bee, the pattern is free from badskirt, and I wasn’t sure what the final plan was for it. I had this crazy idea to make it into a hexagon pouch and it was mildly successful but I found some serious problems along the way. I probably should have done a prototype first using something that wasn’t time consuming like paper piecing, but what fun is that?

Hexagon Bee Pouch from Hugs are Fun

I used the circle earbud case tutorial from Dog Under My Desk and just adjusted it for a hexagon. It was a lot harder than I expected, lining up the zipper was really difficult and resulted in a weird point. I wish I had done an inset zipper and didn’t have the zipper go all the way to the edge.

I feel like my sewing is getting better but it’s still really hard for me to come up with an idea and make it happen. I’m not good with visualizing a project and figuring out how to sew it. Hopefully I’ll get there soon though!

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