I Started Another Blanket

Despite the fact that I have a pile of 121 sunburst granny squares that need to be joined for Evie’s blanket, I started a new one. I have been really wanting to work with yarn, but sewing together squares was not what I had in mind.
I was at Hobby Lobby and their I Love This Cotton was on sale so I grabbed a skein of this lovely light grey. I had these other colors left over from Evie’s blanket and another project I never actually did. I have seen a ton of different blankets I love and have considered making, but I went simple and started a giant granny square blanket for Mira. I knew I did not want to start another project that would require joining any pieces, so this is perfect. I’ve mostly been concentrating on Christmas presents, but this is a nice alternate project for when I’m in the car or can’t concentrate enough to work on a stitching project.
I’m not sure how big this will end up being. I might make it smaller so it’s a little more portable, or I might just crochet until I get tired of this and then start a new one!

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