January TSNEM – Woodburning

January TSNEM - Woodburning from Hugs are Fun
For my January TSNEM skill I tried out woodburning. This was exciting because it actually ticked a couple boxes on my 2015 goal list, this also qualifies for Use It Or Lose It!

January TSNEM - Woodburning from Hugs are Fun
I got this woodburning kit from Darby Smart months ago and it’s been sitting on my shelf because I just couldn’t decide what to do with them. The bamboo cutting boards that come with the kit are so nice and I really didn’t want to mess them up!

I decided to make the arrow cutting board as a Christmas gift for Josh’s aunt and uncle. His uncle does archery (and received the arrow embroidery I made last year) and so I continued with the theme this year.

January TSNEM - Woodburning from Hugs are Fun
Woodburning is easier than I expected, however I plugged in the tool and immediately burned myself. I hold my pencils pretty far up, close to the tip. I wasn’t even thinking and instinctively picked the tool up near the top which is metal and very hot! So be careful!

January TSNEM - Woodburning from Hugs are Fun

January TSNEM - Woodburning from Hugs are Fun

I found it easier to draw freely than to try to trace along predrawn lines. I’m not sure I see woodburning playing a big part in my crafting future, I didn’t really love it. I’m glad I tried it, but I found it frustrating. It’s so hard to get straight, consistent lines and once you make a mark, it’s permanent and there’s no going back. I like crafts where I can backtrack if I mess up. I personally found woodburning to be stressful, not relaxing at all.

January TSNEM - Woodburning from Hugs are Fun
Have you ever tried woodburning? Do you have a different opinion of it than I do?

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    This is on my list! I will be sure to not touch near the tip 🙂 I like how you added the shading to the arrow head – but can imagine the frustration about how permanent each stroke is.

    • says

      When I used the tool a second time I noticed that the whole metal part heats up and changes colors. It’s pretty obvious you shouldn’t touch the tip, I’m just not very observant I guess…

    • says

      Thanks! It’s fun and definitely worth trying if it’s something you’re interested in. Just get some scrap wood and don’t beat yourself up over it!

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    YES! I totally saw this on Darby Smart and did my own version (got the wood-burning tool elsewhere but otherwise basically the same project). I also painted the sides (the DIY is on my blog). But anyway, the wood-burning tool was harder to control than I thought it would be. I just did freehand hearts. Anything else more complex seemed overly ambitious after I started, for the same reasons you stated. Love how your arrows turned out, though!

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  3. says

    I’d also like to try wood burning, but I also think it would be stressful that it’s permanent. I make too many mistakes! Your arrows look great!

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