A Trip to the Japanese Market

Over the weekend we went to Mitsuwa Marketplace for lunch. We used to go a lot more often but now it’s a longer drive out there so we don’t go as much. Mitsuwa has a Japanese grocery store, food court, bookstore, and bakery. After eating we went into the bookstore to look around. I wanted to see if I could find any neat craft books and they didn’t disappoint.

I had a hard time tracking down the cross stitch books because the section names were all in Japanese, but I eventually found quite a few great books. This one was part of a series, I had a hard time choosing but settled on this one.20131021-210312.jpg
I was really excited by these little needle felting kits they had. Again, it was really difficult to choose but I couldn’t resist these parakeets. The package said that English directions were available upon request so I got those. However, when I got home I found that the directions they gave me are general needle felting directions, the actual directions for how to make the parakeets is in Japanese. So we’ll see how this goes…
I also got one of these cute tote bags and some random candy. I always buy things based on the package and it doesn’t always go well. They stopped selling my favorite green tea candy so I hoped this would be a good replacement but it tastes like terrible cough medicine. The ramune candy is good at least.

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