Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

Projects always take me significantly longer than they should.  I get really fired up in the beginning and go out and get the supplies and plan everything.  Then I sit on it for months.  So finishing a larger project is a big deal for me.

Ever since we moved in I wanted to paint a wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint.  Here we are 9 months later and it’s finally done.

I used this Martha Stewart recipe to make custom color chalkboard paint.  I went two shades darker than the color on the rest of the walls.  I read through the comments on the website and people suggested mixing the grout with some water and adding that to the paint, instead of putting the powder directly into the paint.  It worked pretty well for me doing it that way.  Josh took Evie out so I wouldn’t have to worry about toddler hands on wet paint, and I got to work.

And once the wall was complete I was finally able to get some artwork hung up.  The hamburger wood print on the left we bought at an art show in downtown Chicago.  The mixer cross stitch was designed by Josh and executed by yours truly.  (If you’re interested in acquiring one of your own, stay tuned).  The OM NOM NOM print was a Christmas gift from Josh.  I believe he got it from, but you can get your own at collageOrama’s Etsy shop.  I still want to create/acquire some more kitchen artwork for the wall, but I’m pretty happy with it so far.

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