Laser Cut Appliques

Laser Cut Appliques from Hugs are Fun

Weeks ago I talked with Jennifer from 52 Lasers about the possibility of making laser cut appliqués. I ironed some Heat’n Bond* onto a dark gray Kona cotton and dropped it off with her. And then I promptly forgot about it. She recently brought it up again and asked if I would want to make something with the appliqués she cut.

Mermaid Cosmos Purse from Hugs are Fun

Jennifer left me with a narwhal, a whale, a unicorn, and a cloud. I knew right away that I wanted to pair one of the whales with this mermaid fabric I got years ago from Joann’s and have been holding onto. I’ve also been eying the Cosmos purse from the issue of One Thimble* that my cactus hoop is in. I always feel bad because I’m usually so bad about actually following through on projects for Evie, so when I actually finished something for her she was ecstatic. Poor Mira though was pretty upset she doesn’t have her own purse, so I’ll be making another one soon!

Purse Interior from Hugs are Fun

I made the purse flap curved instead of scalloped because it gave a little bit more room for the appliqué. I originally intended for it to have the whale, but I learned the hard way that if you use too much heat when ironing them on, the adhesive will all fuse to the fabric you are attaching to and come off the appliqué fabric. The Cosmos purse is basically the perfect purse for a small child, it’s such a great size and fantastic for tucking away toys and other treasures that usually end up in my pockets when we go out.

Unicorn and Rainbow from Hugs are Fun

I absolutely love Jennifer’s unicorn (you can get it as an embroidery floss holder in her shop Beadeux) and I knew I wanted to make something with rainbows and the unicorn. I used the same pattern that I used for this pouch and I am absolutely in love.

Unicorn Rainbow Pouch from Hugs are Fun

Both my girls tried to claim this for their own but I’m keeping this for myself.

Unicorn Rainbow Pouch from Hugs are Fun

This was even easier to make the second time and now I really want to just keep making them.

Despite the fact that I have always considered myself a needle crafter, I was immediately planning on sewing with these and didn’t even consider using them as part of an embroidery. That’s what Jennifer did with her whale, and it looks incredible! She made a rainbow sampler and added decorative stitches on the whale. It’s gorgeous, make sure you stop and look at it here.

I’ve been slowly growing my sewing skills this year and I’m really proud. There’s some more patterns I want to try out from One Thimble* and eventually I’ll finish a quilt!

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