Mason Jar Cross Stitch Pincushion

20130828-212254.jpgI’ve seen these mason jar pincushions around and wanted to make a cross stitched one. My first try using Aida cross stitch fabric was too thick and the lid couldn’t screw on. So I took a pass using waste canvas on a piece of regular fabric and it worked great.

I always end up just using a heart as my default pattern when I’m trying out different projects because I have the pattern already, it stitches up quickly, and it’s cute.
20130828-213838.jpg20130828-214008.jpg20130828-214218.jpgThe only thing I wish I had done differently was to cut the circle of fabric a little bigger so I could have stuffed it more. It’s not as puffy as I might have liked, but it’s turned out great.

This can be yours to own, it’s available in my Etsy shop.

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