Nerds Craft It Better Swap – What I Sent

Nerds Craft It Better Swap - What I Sent from Hugs are Fun

I’ve done yet another swap, this one was the Nerds Craft It Better swap on Instagram. Sign ups were all the way back in January and the ship date is just now coming up. While I like having plenty of time for swaps I also feel like such a long deadline can be a bad thing and cause you to put things off.

Nerds Craft It Better Swap - What I Sent from Hugs are Fun

I already showed off the Mario 1up mushroom necklace (and shared the free pattern) but here’s the rest. My partner listed other nerdy things she was into as well, but I couldn’t resist sticking with the Mario theme.


I designed a Mario and Luigi cross stitch pattern and made a pouch. I originally intended on it being bigger but due to an unfortunate incident with some glue getting on the fabric, I had to cut it smaller than I planned. Thankfully though it was only on the extra fabric and not on the cross stitch or I probably would have cried.

I want to make Josh an iPad sleeve with these and also make patterns for Toad and Peach. I tried to pick fabrics that went with the color scheme of Mario and I think they work well together. And I finally think I’m starting to get the hang of making lined pouches without it taking 3 tries.

Nerds Craft It Better Swap - What I Sent from Hugs are Fun

I was originally going to make some sort of pin cushion but my partner has a baby and I thought making a little Luma plush for her would be cute. I printed out a picture I found online to use as the template. It’s made of fleece with felt for the eyes.

I had a lot of fun putting this together, I was really excited to get to do a Mario swap package. I haven’t gotten my package yet and I’m really excited to see which of the many nerdy options they went with.


  1. Ana says

    Thank you for everything!! I wore the necklace the other day and the zipper pouch is in use in my bag!!

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