Periodic Table of Elements Cross Stitch

I realized I never posted any photos of this on the Internet. This project took me years, I’ve never done anything else this big before, it’s about 10″x15″.


Josh made me the pattern and based it off of the periodic table in the They Might Be Giants video for “Meet the Elements.”
This project took so long that one of the elements, Copernicium, changed names during that time, so I had to redo that square.


I still need to find somewhere to hang it. I’m really proud of this one.


  1. Christa says

    I love this project! It is beautiful, colourful and well made. But as a chemistry major I have to say you are missing an element. The place that has He right now should have Ne and He should be moved up to the same level as H.

    • Becca says

      Oh my gosh! I cannot believe I messed that up! I guess I stared at this too long!
      Looks like I’ll be taking out some stitches this afternoon and fixing it! Thanks!

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