Regional Candy Swap!

Regional Candy Swap
Heidi over at My Paper Crane organized a really fun candy swap. Everyone got a partner from another geographic area and had the task of buying candy specific to where you live. My partner was Lesley in Pennsylvania, you can find her design site here.

Of course the first thing that came to mind for me was Ferrara Pan, we pass the factory when we drive into Chicago. They are best known for Lemonheads but there are many variations and other candies as well. I went to a little candy store in downtown Naperville and bought all the boxes of Ferrara Pan candy they had.
Regional Candy Swap
Now, I cheated a little bit at this point and went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese marketplace. I love buying candy there, it’s so much fun to pick things out based on the packaging.
I regret not getting a second bag of these vegetable gummies to try myself, I’m very intrigued by them.
Regional Candy Swap
I also stopped by Trader Joe’s and got some candy there, I looked online and the closest one for Lesley was 50 miles.

I got my box this week and I immediately started eating. Well, after I opened up the awesome hobo bindle that my candy was in.
Regional Candy Swap
She went to a local candy store (and elephant museum!) and got a big variety of stuff. She also sent me a magnet and keychain from Pennsylvania.
I really, really like the caramel and chocolate caramel Slow Pokes and Black Cows. The first time I tried one of the coconut Long Boys I thought it was a little bit like lotion, but they’ve since grown on me and I like them.


This was really fun and thanks again to Heidi for organizing it! I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for if there is another, who doesn’t love getting candy in the mail?


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