Sewing a Laser Cut Bag

Sewing a Laser Cut Bag from Hugs are Fun
All the way back in June, Jennifer from 52 Lasers did a post on laser cutting fabric. I made a little coffee cozy but put aside the pieces she cut for the Noodlehead 241 tote. This was a combination of being too busy at the time to make it, but I was also really nervous about the project. I was using nice Cotton + Steel fabric I got my from local quilt store and the pattern was daunting.

For some reason this last weekend I was struck with some sudden bravery (or an attempt to procrastinate and avoid other projects I should have been working on) and I decided to jump head first into making the bag. Cutting out patterns is definitely my least favorite part of sewing, I think I dislike it even more than ironing. So working with perfectly laser cut pieces was incredible.

Sewing a Laser Cut Bag from Hugs are Fun

The pattern itself was a lot easier than I expected. I skipped the optional zipper pockets but I probably could have managed to figure them out. I absolutely love the bag though, even without them. The outside side pockets are great, there’s a nice inner pocket, and it’s a perfect size. I spent a lot of time looking at free bag patterns on Pinterest but I was kind of picky about what kind of bag I was looking for and decided it was worth spending the money on a pattern I really liked. I’m glad I did because the 241 Tote is perfect.

Sewing a Laser Cut Bag from Hugs are Fun
I kind of want to make a few more in various fabrics, it was an extremely satisfying project!

With Christmas coming up I’ve been in project making mode and haven’t been blogging as much, but you can keep up with my projects on Instagram.

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