&Stitches Swap – What I Sent!

&Stitches Swap - Solar System Cross Stitch by Hugs are Fun
When I signed up for the &Stitches swap, I had no idea what I would do. The theme was “places” and I wasn’t sure about doing a cross stitch of a specific location, I like to keep things more simple and stylized.

I was thrilled to be paired up with Carina and she told me some places she likes, but none of them were really standing out to me. She had mentioned before that she was extremely interested in space and liked the alphabet I am working on. I decided that space counts for the theme and made a solar system pattern. I already have one pattern but I wanted to do something new. I am so proud of how it turned out.

&Stitches Swap - Solar System Cross Stitch by Hugs are Fun

I got a black fabric with a really subtle print and used water soluble canvas to stitch on it. The planets are all the same DMC colors I used for my last solar system cross stitch, but the circles are done with a metallic Kreinik thread. It’s a goldish color and it adds just a little bit of sparkle.

&Stitches Swap - Solar System Cross Stitch by Hugs are Fun
I also know that Carina loves clouds, she’s even making a gorgeous cloud quilt. Jen from 52 Lasers already had a cloud needle minder for sale at Beadeux and I asked her to also make a floss organizer of the same design.
&Stitches Swap - Solar System Cross Stitch by Hugs are Fun
I couldn’t resist putting a rainbow of threads on the organizer for a picture. The silver material is perfect for this, I love it.

&Stitches Swap - Solar System Cross Stitch by Hugs are Fun
Carina posted recently about her love for Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I had some of her fabrics already that I had bought for my hexagon quilt and I went to Joann’s and picked up a couple more designs. I sent her 2.5″ squares of each of the different designs I had so that she can make hexagons. I also couldn’t resist adding a few DMC variegated threads, the colors were too pretty to pass up!

I got an absolutely amazing package in return which I will show off tomorrow! I love doing swaps, I’ve gotten so many amazing pieces!


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    what a super little package. 🙂 i love the solar system…very cool! i am still getting the hang of water soluble canvas…sometimes i feel like my tension isn’t quite right. but your stitches look great!

    • says

      It is hard because I feel like I’m constantly pulling the fabric to keep it tight enough and I worry about my stitches. But so far everything has turned out pretty well.

  2. says

    LOVE the circular version of the solar system 🙂 Will it be for sale in the shop? I know I always hound you about that…I just love my other solar system cross stitch you designed 🙂

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      It’s on my to do list for the week! I need to get the pattern cleaned up and make a few changes from the original I made!

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    Wow, that is very neat! I am participating in my first Stitch Swap this month and am very excited. We did it with one yard of fabric and I have a great idea of what I am going to sew. I loved your cross-stich pattern and neat gift idea. Great job on your post- I love the photos and how you wrote it up.

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      A fabric swap would be fun! It’s so exciting getting a surprise package in the mail! I love doing swaps!! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

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    Love the solar system project! Very original thinking 🙂 I too have been enjoying DMC’s variegated threads! I started using them in my Blackwork projects and I feel that it takes the designs to a whole new place! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!

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    This is really cool. I gave up cross stitch a while ago because I never have time to sit and do it. I really should pick it up again!

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      You should! Just start small! I made the mistake of starting an enormous project for my first cross stitch. It takes so long that it can be discouraging, so I like doing little projects I can finish fairly quickly. I feel more accomplished!

  6. elmtreeee says

    i want to get a package like this. really thoughtful, every step of the way!!!! i’ve always had the most rotten luck in swaps so i quit them ages ago. you tempt me!!!!

    • says

      I’ve had good luck with swaps. This one actually had a small fee which I think helped make sure people actually followed through.


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