StitchyBox – A Cross Stitch Subscription Box!

Subscription boxes have really taken off, there are boxes for everything now! And there’s a new subscription box starting in January and I am extremely excited about it!

StitchyBox - A Cross Stitch Subscription Box!

Abby from While She Naps pointed me in the direction of StitchyBox, a cross stitch subscription box. I was immediately intrigued, and when I found out that Liz from Dragonflylotus Designs Handspun Thread was behind it, I was even more excited.

Liz isn’t new to the monthly club scene, she currently has a thread of the month club available. But StitchyBox is so much more. The website boasts the boxes containing thread, fabric, and other embellishments and stitching accessories.

There are two levels, the Big Picture Box contains larger count fabrics, 14ct-16ct Aida and 28-32ct linen or evenweave. The Detail-Oriented Box contains smaller count fabrics, 32-36ct linen and 40ct evenweave.

If you’re interested in signing up, anyone who subscribes to a 3 or 6 box subscription during the month of November will get a free mini box in December! This would make an awesome Christmas gift!

Also, once the StitchyBox Facebook page gets 500 likes, there will be a giveaway! So go like the page and get updates about this!

I’m not getting compensated for this post at all, I really wish Liz the best of luck with this. I am going to be following closely because I want this to be a huge success!


  1. Holly says

    I must be missing something on that subscription box. Are there patterns with it or ?? I see the Spring Bloom box has shipped and it said on the blog to look for ideas the next day, but that was over a week ago so you just have to wing it with what you get? Seems steep for just getting some ingredients and not getting the recipe.

    • says

      Hi Holly – no, we do not include charts in the box, but we are providing project ideas on the blog. I will be posting our first project ideas today – unfortunately I’m a bit behind due to Nashville Market prep.

      Not including specific charts with each box was a choice we made in the beginning to make sure our contents were not limited by charts that we personally like. The intent is to share a variety of supplies with you, share some potential project ideas, and also share projects stitched by our subscribers to give you additional ideas.

      Fresh Blooms was our first box, and we are still working out all the kinks. If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to email me at Happy Stitching!

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