Studio Ghibli Swap – What I Got

Studio Qhibli Swap - What I Got
I was so excited yesterday to come home to find my Studio Ghibli swap package! It was a bit late and I was starting to get pretty antsy seeing all the amazing packages people were getting. Thankfully the package was seriously worth the wait! I got this incredible quilted Toroto bag.

Studio Qhibli Swap - What I Got

The bag is a really nice size and is really well constructed, and I didn’t notice this until later but there’s a little clip in the inside for keys. Which is amazing because just last week I had my keys disappear at the bottom of my bag and I had a moment of panic thinking I lost them at the library.

Studio Qhibli Swap - What I Got

She also sent a TON of amazing extra stuff. There were a couple adorable items from Daiso Japan, and some other great little sewing items. She also sent notebooks and stickers for both girls which aren’t in the picture because they were already off drawing in them.

Studio Qhibli Swap - What I Got

And she even sewed me a second (non Ghibli themed) bag with this super cute dog fabric.

I had so much fun with this swap, both putting together the package that I sent and receiving this one. I have a couple other swaps I’m doing and it makes me even more excited!

Have you ever done a swap? Are you as obsessed as me?


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    Wow, pretty 😀 I’ve only done two swaps- a mass one of Christmas tree decorations, and a personal one, but I’m not really that keen on having a crafting deadline. Kinda tempting though, when you see all the pretties which get sent around!

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