The Bloggess and I meet again!

Over the summer I went into Chicago to see Jenny Lawson’s book signing and gifted her the Unicorn Success Club cross stitch.
When I saw that she was going to be at Anderson’s Bookshop, an independent bookstore in downtown Naperville, I immediately added it to my calendar app and started planning my next cross stitch.

I scoured her website looking for the perfect thing and I decided to go with a quote from Copernicus the homicidal monkey.


The book reading and Q&A was hilarious as expected. There was a really huge crowd and I neglected to buy my book until tonight, so I had #99 for the signing line. Jenny was so gracious and so amazing. She told me she has the unicorn cross stitch in her bedroom, which made me so extremely happy to hear that she remembered me and actually liked it.

Here’s some more photos from the evening.




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