A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes!

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes! by Hugs are Fun

All the way back in July I mentioned a secret project that I wasn’t able to talk about yet. Well, now I can finally reveal that I have a project in the December issue of the US edition of Mollie Makes! Unfortunately I just learned that the US edition won’t be printed anymore, but I was so excited to have my project included!

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes! by Hugs are Fun

I made a felt embroidery hoop tea cup (which is kind of funny because my first ever magazine project was also a tea cup!)

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes! by Hugs are Fun

Apparently Target sells the US edition of Mollie Makes, but I checked three near me and none of them had it. However Shawna from Scrawny Girl got a copy there and was awesome enough to send me photos before I got my own copy!

It’s been hard to keep quiet about this for so many months, so I’m really happy to finally be able to show this off!


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      Unfortunately it’s not, even though it’s the same cover. I know this because my husband accidentally bought a digital copy of the UK one. Oops! 🙂

  1. says

    Congrats! That is such a cute hoop!

    I love Mollie Makes, but could never find the US edition in any stores near me – just the UK. It’s too bad, because I was so excited about a US version!

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      I haven’t checked my Barnes and Noble but I did find it in Michaels. It was exciting to see it in a store! Thanks and hope you’re enjoying fall!

  2. Emily says

    This pattern is adorable! Do you have it available to purchase (since the magazine is not available anymore)? 🙂 Thanks!

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