A Stitch a Day – 365 Project

I’ve been debating a 365 project but I couldn’t find one I felt I could commit to. Becky at the Pink Samurai did an awesome project for 2013 where she drew her outfit everyday. She wrote a guide about choosing a 365 project but nothing was striking me. I thought about doing a sky blanket or a mood blanket, but I doubted my ability to follow through with it.
So when I saw Susi from Lilla Luise Instagram photo about her stitch-a-day project, I was on board! The goal is simple, a single stitch every day.
I couldn’t decide between doing cross stitch or doing an embroidery stitch, so I decided to do both. I figured the needle is already threaded, so why not?
I’m not positive if I will do 365 scallop stitches or if I will do a row of them and then switch to another stitch. I might use this as a chance to try out different embroidery stitches while also creating a neat looking 365 project.

I will probably do monthly check-ins here, but I will post photos on Instagram, so follow me there if you want to see daily updates!


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      It’s not easy! Especially because I’m going to the trouble of threading a needle!
      But thankfully I have enough other projects where I can do a lot of stitches!

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