Stitch A Day – February Update

It's been awhile since I showed off my stitch a day project. I have a confession, I have had to play catch up a couple times. It's been harder than I expected to keep up with doing a stitch a day. Despite the back being a mess, I am in love with how it looks. I actually think I like it better than the front. My first row annoys me because the stitches are kind of crazy and so varied, but I guess that's part of the charm. It shows off the learning experience. Read more about my 365 project here. Did anyone else commit to a 365 project? Have you been keeping up ... Read More

A Stitch a Day – January Update

It's the first of the month, so it seems the perfect time to take a look at my month of stitches for January. I started off doing both an embroidery and cross stitch version, but I had to ditch one. It was just feeling like such a chore to do both, I dreaded it. I felt if I was feeling like that in January that it was a bad sign. So the cross stitch one got put aside and I'm focusing on just the embroidery one. Are you doing a 365 project? How's it going? ... Read More

A Stitch a Day – 365 Project

I've been debating a 365 project but I couldn't find one I felt I could commit to. Becky at the Pink Samurai did an awesome project for 2013 where she drew her outfit everyday. She wrote a guide about choosing a 365 project but nothing was striking me. I thought about doing a sky blanket or a mood blanket, but I doubted my ability to follow through with it. So when I saw Susi from Lilla Luise Instagram photo about her stitch-a-day project, I was on board! The goal is simple, a single stitch every day. I couldn't decide between doing cross stitch or doing an ... Read More