A Trip to Benzie Design

Benzie Felt has long been one of my favorite places to order felt online. The first time I stitched on it, I was converted and I could never go back to acrylic felt. Every felt project I’ve done has been on Benzie Felt.


Well, they recently opened a brick and mortar store in downtown Plainfield. It’s about a half hour from my house so I dragged the girls along and we went. It happens to be directly across the street from a splash park, so everyone was happy!



The store is incredible. It’s so bright and colorful and there’s so many fun things.


I actually ended up back in there a few days later to pick up more supplies I realized I needed. Evie lost her first tooth and requested a tooth fairy doll. I’m super close I being done with it and I even picked up some iron on glitter for it.
Renae the owner is such a lovely person and I was so glad to get a chance to meet her. I’m absolutely thrilled to have such an amazing resource nearby!

Benzie Design’s grand opening is July 19 and I plan on being there!


  1. thesugarhouseshop says

    Lucky! I wish I weren’t on the west coast(ish) and could visit in person. Maybe one day I’ll make it there. Such a fantastic resource and as you mentioned Benzie does have the best felt. Love your blog too! šŸ™‚

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