A Trip to Renegade Fair – My Favorite Vendors

20130918-143359.jpgSo I showed off what I bought at Renegade, but there were a ton of amazing vendors and I just couldn’t buy it all! But I can show off some of my favorites!

Horribly Adorables

20130910-224745.jpgThese were one of my favorite things I saw at Renegade. I thought they were absolutely fantastic. The craftsmanship was amazing, each scale was so precise. The creatures were all so unique and bizarre.20130910-224824.jpgThey were so wonderfully bizarre and so cute at the same time. The quality was so impeccable and the colors worked so well on them all. I really wanted to take one of these home but I wanted to diversify my money instead of spending it all on one thing. I thought these were pretty reasonably priced though, especially if you are in the market for a felt animal head to hang in your house.20130910-224838.jpg20130910-224848.jpg

Little Friends of Printmaking

20130918-114126.jpgOne of my favorite classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design was Illustration Seminar. They brought in different professional illustrators to give us projects to give us experience working with clients. It was an amazingly valuable class, and one of the guests were the Little Friends of Printmaking! I was really excited when I saw their booth. It’s a husband and wife team and their work is really awesome.

Doe Eyed

I was drawn to this tent because of the bright colors. I loved the style of everything, it was so clean yet also included textures in an interesting way. I am so attracted to screen printing, and this was so well done. I love that print with the deer and the house one too. The colors are just fantastic. 20130918-142418.jpg20130918-142430.jpg

We got there later in the day, so as it got closer to the end of the show, I spent less time taking pictures. But here are a few that I still wanted to mention.

Sandra Fettingis




Zero Bird

And because I love a good pun…

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