Another Trip to Renegade!

On Saturday we went to the Chicago Renegade December Market, I think this was the fourth year we've gone. This year there was a venue change to the Bridgeport Art Center, I was not a fan. The building is gorgeous and I'm sure it's great for other events, but Renegade has such huge crowd that it was just too much for the building. The vendors were all on the 5th floor and you had to take an elevator to get up there, so we had to wait outside in the cold for the elevator to take groups up. I also didn't feel like there was a good flow for walking through the event. ... Read More

Nido Winter Market

This Sunday I will have a table at the Nido Winter Market in Aurora. If you're in the area, you should definitely stop by and say hi! I've been working hard to make new items and I'm really excited to show them all off! I set up my table today to try to figure out a layout for the show and I also need to figure out pricing. Neither are my forte, so wish me luck! ... Read More

Craft Fair Update and Tips

Last week I did my first craft fair of 2014, and it went really well! I've only done one before and it wasn't very exciting. Thursday night I showed up with an arsenal of new products, which I think helped a lot. At the last show I only had framed cross stitches, but this time I also had kits, buttons, and jewelry. I think a lot of the people stopped because they had never seen anything like the lasercut jewelry. I also had Beadeux's blank pendants available which did really well too. Here are some things that I think that I did right: Having a colorful and ... Read More

January Artisan Collective Market

Tonight I have a table at this monthly flash market in Batavia, IL with the Artisan Collective. Doing at least one craft fair was one of my 2014 goals and I'm glad to be doing this so early in the year. I'm hoping it goes well and I can update my goal with a much larger number of shows this year. This is only my second time selling at a craft fair, and my product line has grown significantly since then. I have the framed cross stitches I had at my first show, but I also have cross stitch kits, necklaces, bracelets, art in hoops, buttons, and I will also be selling ... Read More

Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market

This past weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in downtown Chicago, so for the third year in a row we made the trek. After a quick detour to visit The Needle Shop, we made our way over to Pulaski Fieldhouse in the snow. We got there early in the day and hoped it wouldn't be too busy yet, but it was already crazy. Since the holiday market is indoors, it's much smaller than the September outdoor Renegade fair. There were a lot of familiar vendors that I either remembered from the September market or from last year's holiday market. It was harder to ... Read More

A Trip to Chicago Renegade Fair – Purchases

I've been wanting to go to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago for years but it never works out. The first year I heard about it was the weekend Evie was born, then it's been her birthday or birthday party that weekend. We've gone to the Christmas one, but I've really wanted to go to the one in September because it's so much bigger. This weekend we finally got to go, and I had some birthday money to spend. We saw so much awesome stuff that I'm going to do a couple different posts about the show. This one I'm going to show off what we bought. ... Read More