Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market

This past weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in downtown Chicago, so for the third year in a row we made the trek. After a quick detour to visit The Needle Shop, we made our way over to Pulaski Fieldhouse in the snow. We got there early in the day and hoped it wouldn’t be too busy yet, but it was already crazy. Since the holiday market is indoors, it’s much smaller than the September outdoor Renegade fair.

There were a lot of familiar vendors that I either remembered from the September market or from last year’s holiday market. It was harder to take pictures because it was so busy, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of some of my favorite vendors. I left empty handed, but I did see a lot of amazing work.


Imaginary Animal

There were so many awesome things at this booth, I wish I had stopped longer to look more. There were pouches made of custom designed fabric that were amazing, and I was in love with these kitty pouches.
I was tempted to get one but I have so many pouches and little bags, I really don’t need more!

Raquel Masri
The porcelain jewelry and housewares by Raquel Masri were absolutely gorgeous. I kept gazing longingly at the earrings but then remembered I don’t wear earrings. 20131208-213058.jpg
And I loved the necklaces, but Mira is at the point where everything goes in her mouth, so I’m always just wearing Chewbeads.
Seriously though, how amazing are these plates?

Finklestein’s Center Toys
The plushes from Finklestein’s Center Toys were so incredibly cute. I fell on love with this lion, just look at those teeth.
They also had a line of socks and clothing for the animals, it was so cute I could barely stand it.

Dolan Geiman
Ever since I did the bird cross stitches, I have more of an appreciation for artwork featuring birds. So I really loved these pieces by Dolan Geiman.
The colors and style are fantastic, I really loved them a lot.

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