Artsy Adopt Swap

Artsy Adopt Swap Package from Hugs are Fun

Instagram is a dangerous place for me, I just can’t help but sign up for these swaps I see there! I keep saying I’m done with them and then I see another that I just can’t resist!

This most recent one was organized by Paige from Artsy Anthropology as a fundraiser for three families who are adopting. One of the families was a woman I follow on Instagram, LeftyLex. She is selling embroidered necklaces and hoops to raise money for their adoption of an adorable little boy named Kai. There was a fee to participate which was split among the families.

Vintage Anchor Embroidery Hoop Necklace from Hugs are Fun

My partner mentioned liking vintage nautical stuff and embroidery, I thought this was the perfect chance to make a necklace with a Dandelyne hoop. I used a polka dot blue fabric and embroidered a red anchor onto it. It didn’t have as much contrast as I wanted, so I added a white border around it.
Artsy Adopt Swap Package Embroidery Thread from Hugs are Fun
I always love adding embroidery floss to packages. It’s so fun to pick out a rainbow of colors to include. I also sent along a pair of blue embroidery scissors, I love the color of these! I always love putting candy in swap packages, but I was worried about chocolate making it to California without melting so I sent along this pomegranate licorice.

I hope my partner liked her package!


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