Embroidered and Fabric Color Wheels

It's no secret I love rainbows and color wheels. The big French knot color wheel is still one of my favorite projects I've ever made. I made a smaller version last year but never really took good pictures of it and then I sold it. So I decided I should make a new one that I would actually keep for myself, which so rarely happens. It looks so involved but I stitched it up in just a couple nights of binge watching Parks and Recreation. It's in a Dandelyne hoop necklace and I absolutely love it. And while I was on the whole color wheel kick, I got the idea to make ... Read More

What I’ve Been Up To – Craft Fair Edition

I've still been plugging away at making Christmas gifts, but I've been taking some breaks to make some new products for a craft fair. December 7 I will have a booth at the Nido Winter Market in Aurora Illinois. Originally I didn't plan on making anything new, I have a ton of cross stitches and a handful of cross stitch pendants. But I just couldn't resist, especially since I have a bunch of Dandelyne mini embroidery hoops just begging to be filled. I also got some hexagon pendants from Beadeux that I am playing with different designs for. I also decided to make ... Read More

Happy Unicorn Swap – What I Sent

My Happy Unicorn Swap partner got her package yesterday, so I can finally show it all off! I got my swap package earlier this week, and I was so excited to send this to my partner. I always love sending embroidery floss for swaps, I have such a fun time picking out a color pallet. For this one, a rainbow just seemed necessary because you really can't have unicorns without rainbows! I wracked my brain for what to send as the "unicorn item." The coordinator suggested sending something that was unique to your state or region and I just couldn't pick ... Read More

Artsy Adopt Swap

Instagram is a dangerous place for me, I just can't help but sign up for these swaps I see there! I keep saying I'm done with them and then I see another that I just can't resist! This most recent one was organized by Paige from Artsy Anthropology as a fundraiser for three families who are adopting. One of the families was a woman I follow on Instagram, LeftyLex. She is selling embroidered necklaces and hoops to raise money for their adoption of an adorable little boy named Kai. There was a fee to participate which was split among the families. My partner ... Read More

Some Exciting Prizes!

I recently won a couple really awesome giveaways on Instagram that I can't help but show off! The first was from Dandelyne. I showed off a miniature embroidery hoop I made from Dandelyne and I was so excited to win a prize pack with four miniature embroidery hoops and an embroidery starter kit. I actually misplaced the little hoops for a few weeks and was going crazy trying to figure out where I put them. I cleaned my desk twice looking for them and then they randomly showed up the other day. Now I need to start making necklaces! Next was an amazing fat ... Read More