Happy Unicorn Swap – What I Sent

My Happy Unicorn Swap partner got her package yesterday, so I can finally show it all off! I got my swap package earlier this week, and I was so excited to send this to my partner. I always love sending embroidery floss for swaps, I have such a fun time picking out a color pallet. For this one, a rainbow just seemed necessary because you really can't have unicorns without rainbows! I wracked my brain for what to send as the "unicorn item." The coordinator suggested sending something that was unique to your state or region and I just couldn't pick ... Read More

Upcycled Kreinik Bird Feeder

A while back on Twitter, Dena from Kreinik posted asking if anyone had any ideas for how to use these black tubes. https://twitter.com/KreinikGirl/status/443473864291799040 They are used in thread production for dyeing and washing thread and they found boxes in the warehouse that weren't going to be used. My first thought was something for birds, either a bird feeder or using it for yarn scraps for birds to use in nests. So I did both and Evie was very happy to help. For the bird feeder I spread peanut butter all over the tube. I've done this with toilet ... Read More

Alcohol Inked Cross Stitching!

I posted on last week's WIP Wednesday post that I had done more with the alcohol ink from the Darby Smart coaster kit. After the acrylic had ink on it, Jen sealed them (you can read more about the saga it took to get this right) and she put the colorful acrylic under the laser. I am smitten with the way these turned out and I can't wait to stitch them all up. I love the uniqueness of each of them, they are all one of a kind. I plan on making these little triangles into necklaces. The clear acrylic looks especially striking, and I love the etching that was ... Read More

Handmade Christmas – Hexagon Hoop Art

Next up in my handmade Christmas gifts, this embroidered hexagon hoop. I stole this idea was inspired by Mollie at Wild Olive. I had such a fun time making this, it was a chance to experiment with different stitching and different Kreinik metallic threads. I have a variety of orange and yellow fabrics that I used for Evie's first birthday party so I decided to use all the different shades. For the accent stitching I kept with warm colors. Each hexagon has a different type of stitching, I didn't repeat any. And look at how pretty and shiny that Kreinik metallic ... Read More

H is for Hubble

I didn't finish this one in time for the contest, but here's another one done! I was working on it at 11pm on Sunday night and the deadline was 6am Monday morning. I knew it just wasn't happening and went to bed. I wasn't too disappointed, I managed to finish 3 others, and while I like the Hubble, the Galaxy one is definitely my favorite. I'm still planning on finishing the whole alphabet but I'm going to put it on the back burner for a bit. I have some WIP I want to finish and a list of Christmas projects I need to start tackling. I will definitely come back to ... Read More

G is for Galaxy

Here is my third completed cross stitch flash card for the &stitches back to school contest. I have been working on a list of words to make a complete alphabet, I am really loving making these and want to have a whole set! Josh has been making these patterns and he's doing such an awesome job, I love them. I think this one is my favorite, but I do love the first two a lot. I started a fourth one that I should have finished by the deadline Monday, so stay tuned. ... Read More