H is for Hubble

H is for Hubble Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
I didn’t finish this one in time for the contest, but here’s another one done! I was working on it at 11pm on Sunday night and the deadline was 6am Monday morning. I knew it just wasn’t happening and went to bed. I wasn’t too disappointed, I managed to finish 3 others, and while I like the Hubble, the Galaxy one is definitely my favorite. H is for Hubble Space Cross Stitch from Hugs are Fun
I’m still planning on finishing the whole alphabet but I’m going to put it on the back burner for a bit. I have some WIP I want to finish and a list of Christmas projects I need to start tackling. I will definitely come back to this after that though!
Any suggestions for what letter to do next? Or space themed words I just have to do?


  1. Cindy G. says

    I love how you’ve been using colors in your stitching (even Hubble in all of its monochromatic glory!) and I’d love to see how you would stitch N for Nebulae. Can’t wait to see more!

    • says

      A friend of mine specifically requested a Nebulae so I’m going to have to start doing research. There are so many gorgeous photos out there to choose from!

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