Hexagons within Hexagons!

I've been having a lot of fun making these hexagon needle books, I've actually made 5 of them now. Some are for swaps and some are for a project I just need to get my act together so I can show off... But this one I made on a whim and I love how it turned out. A few weeks ago I met up for a sewing date with Mollie from Wild Olive and Faith from Sarana Ave. It was my first time meeting Faith so I wanted to make her a little something so I made a needle book and a needle minder. I used 1/2" hexagons and created a piece of fabric to then create a larger hexagon ... Read More

An English Paper Piecing Experiment

The last thing I need is a new project, but I just couldn't resist! My friend Jessica sent me a photo of an English paper pieced quilt where the hexagons were made of triangles. I immediately fell in love with the idea and had to try it right away. The photo used solid fabrics, but I wanted to use prints, I have so many scraps from the hexagon quilt I'm making. I don't love basting the triangles as much. I'm not sure if it's because of the size (each side is 3") but I was having trouble keeping the edges tight enough when I was basting them. I am extremely happy ... Read More

A Hexagon Firefly Needlebook

RockIslander organized the bug themed dumpling swap I did and she made her partner an amazing hexagon bee needlebook. I fell in love with it and wanted my own so I proposed a trade of some sort. I am making her the Wee Little Stitches Sherlock cross stitch, and I am the proud owner of my own hexagon needlebook, mine is a firefly. The cross stitch is taking a lot longer than I expected, but I loved swapping for something I could not have made myself. Do you ever trade your goods or services? Have you gotten anything neat by doing this? ... Read More

Another Dumpling Swap – Bee Edition

Awhile back I participated in a swap of dumpling pouches, I made a hexagon rainbow pouch. I signed up for another swap, this one was bug themed. I loved how the rainbow one turned out but I swore I wasn't going to do hexagons this time, they took so long. As you can see, I changed my mind and did them anyways. I was going to do squares of various bug fabrics but it felt disjointed and just didn't feel right. Josh suggested instead of using bug fabrics to use the design to show the theme. My partner raised bees as a child, so making it bee themed wasn't a hard ... Read More

Guest Post Hexagon Pincushion

Hexagon Pincushion by Hugs are Fun

I'm really excited to have a guest post today over at Knit Me A Cake. I love Leanne's blog and I'm really thrilled to have a project over there! She recently tried English paper piecing for the first time, so I thought I'd do a hexagon project. The fabric for these hexagons are all vintage fabrics that I got from my mother-in-law's stash. Head over there for a template and full instructions! ... Read More

Hexagon Headband

Since I obviously needed yet another hexagon project, I whipped up this little headband. I really, really love the mini hexie necklace that Haley at The Zen of Making posted so I wanted to try out using smaller hexagons. She used 1/4", I didn't go quite that small. These are made with 1/2" hexagons. Evie's favorite color changes whenever I asked, but the day I worked on this she decided it was green. I made five hexagons and whip stitched them together. I traced the shape onto a piece of felt and cut it out. I was going to do an invisible stitch to attach them, ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – Hexagons, Embroidery, and Plastic Canvas

I'm working on a lot of different projects right now and I can't wait to finish them up. In the world of hexagons, I am working on the Wild Olive spring stitching club. I have last week and this week's to do still and I'm a little behind on the hexagons. But I love the colors and the patterns that Mollie has sent out so far! I loved the size of the hexagons for the stitching club, so I decided to make a table runner. I'm really close to finishing, I just have one more row to attach. I think I might finish it with a felt backing but I'm not sure yet. I'm ... Read More

Water Soluble Canvas – Cross Stitched Hexagon

A while back I tried out waste canvas and then found out that water soluble canvas exists. I went out and got some right away but it sat dormant for months until I finally unearthed it over the weekend. I'm doing yet another hexagon project, (are you guys tired of hexagons yet? I'm not!) and I thought a cross stitched hexagon would be a fun addition. I did my old standby of stitching up a little heart. Water soluble canvas is a thin plastic sheet with holes for cross stitching. This allows you to cross stitch on any fabric that is washable. I've been curious to try ... Read More