WIP Wednesday – Hexagons, Embroidery, and Plastic Canvas

I’m working on a lot of different projects right now and I can’t wait to finish them up.

In the world of hexagons, I am working on the Wild Olive spring stitching club. I have last week and this week’s to do still and I’m a little behind on the hexagons. But I love the colors and the patterns that Mollie has sent out so far!
WIP Wednesday Spring Stitching Club by Hugs are Fun
I loved the size of the hexagons for the stitching club, so I decided to make a table runner. I’m really close to finishing, I just have one more row to attach. I think I might finish it with a felt backing but I’m not sure yet.
WIP Wednesday Hexagon Table Runner by Hugs are Fun
I’m working on an embroidery that I’m not entirely ready to reveal yet. It’s an illustration I did and I’ve actually got a pattern for two separate projects. I’m really excited to show this guy off, but you’re going to have to wait a few weeks!
WIP Wednesday Embroidery by Hugs are Fun
I’m also doing a project on plastic canvas which I’m excited about. I’ve never really used plastic canvas before and I love the potential it has! This is another one you’re going to have to wait a few weeks for!
WIP Wednesday Plastic Canvas by Hugs are Fun
I also did some more with alcohol ink over the weekend. I had leftover ink from the Darby Smart coaster set, so Jen from Isette came over for a craft night. We used the alcohol ink on pieces of acrylic and then she laser cut them. You can read more about it over at 52lasers.
WIP Wednesday Alcohol Ink by Hugs are Fun

What have you been working on?


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    I’m hoping to get caught up on my Spring Stitching Hexies this weekend, fingers crossed! Looking forward to seeing those sneak peek projects you are working on!

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    I feel like I have several hundred projects going on at once, but I’m spending most of my free time doing the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery “Once Upon A Time” sampler. It’s very cute but takes FOREVER.

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      I’m always so tempted by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery projects, I see them all over Instagram. But I know starting a big project like that is a terrible idea!

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